Dec 16

A bracelet that will help protect you from over exposure to the sun. Introducing the Luxes.



This idea is simply brilliant.  I am somewhat susceptible to the sun and often forget when it is time to apply or re-apply sunscreen

The innovative LUXES bracelet features patent-pending technology that simulates your skin’s reaction to UV radiation in your surroundings.  The bracelet will darken in color when exposed to UV rays. Users simply apply a small amount of sunscreen on the bracelet and when the sunscreen breaks down or gets washed off, the color changes again to remind the user to reapply sunscreen.

A recent CDC study shows 1 in 5 American will developed skin cancer in their life time. Over 90% of skin cancer is caused by the over expose to UV radiation.  It is important or us to monitor our UV radiation exposure and be sun smart. The inventor of the Luxes bracelet has friends touched by skin cancer and created it to bring sun safety awareness to the public.

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You can be a part of the important development of this product.  Go to the websites listed above and help fund the launch of Luxes and get a bracelet or two as well.

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