An “Essential” addon for your Smart Phone … fonebud

January 13, 2015
fonebud essential plus

fonebud essential plus

After going through more than 2.2 million square feet of booth space at CES 2015, a person ponders what technology will be used going forward.

The fonebud essential plus is such a technology.  At first glance, my thought was why do I want to carry another device with me.  You will think the same.  After seeing all the features, I cannot imagine not having this with me.

First, the fonebud is a handset.  The fonebud pairs via bluetooth so you can have a great conversation similar to using a land line.  Of course, no overheated device against your ear and less radiation.  The fonebud brings the joy back to talking on the phone.

Next, it is a 5000 ma device charger.  Simply plug your phone into it and recharge your phone battery.  How many times have you been caught with a phone low on charge.  The fonebud will take save the day many times.

How about selfies.  It is difficult to take a selfy when at arms length while trying to tap a shutter button.  The fonebud is also a remote shutter.  So snap those selfies with ease with a fonebud.

The fonebud also has a built in light for those times when seeing in the dark is important.  Read a menu in a restaurant, find your keys or light up a dark alley.

If your phone and fonebud become separated, your fonebud will beep letting you know your phone was left behind with it’s proximity alert feature.

These are some of the features that the fonebud offers.  For more information on the fonebud and when it will be available to the general public, go to  To view a video review, go to

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