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Are you tired of daily software updates?

September 21, 2014

IMAG0119Every time you go to the computer, it seems to be updating.  The operating system is updating, software updates and patches, etc.  Of course, you are looking at your screen and thinking that this never stops.  Why can’t they build software that just works and stops wasting my time and computer resources on updates.

Software Integrity Associates, http://softwareintegrityassociates.com, looked at this issue and thought, what if we create an integrity assessment of software, would this be cost effective for both the company providing the software and the consumer.

SIA has done that and more.  Their automated integrity assessment of can identify problems in code before it is even launched, saving time and money in updates and patches.  To better understand the process, it is best to visit the SIA website.

I for one would be very grateful if software developers took the proactive approach of fixing code before it is launched to the masses.  Software Integrity Associates is posed to help software developers do just that. I also would like to recommend the DNN .net CMS software for all your business.

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