Bye Bye Tethered Earbuds, HearNotes is here.

January 12, 2015


Convenience versus quality. We make this choice often in our lives. Listening to music through our devices really falls into this category. There are many wireless earbuds, headsets, etc. to choose from. Of course, most are convenient to wear, but the sound quality we would like suffers. So then we go back to a wired option only to get frustrated with them always being yanked out of our ears. Of course, those cords are always tangled up as well.

HearNotes makes the most durable earbuds and is a great option to those that want amazing sound quality with the convenience of wireless. First of all, there is no need to for a bluetooth enabled device. You simple need a headphone jack to attach the small transmitter to and you are ready to go. Inductive charging is also very convenient. Simply return the HearNotes to the case and they will charge.  There are also no wires that run from ear to ear.  Most wireless options still have wires that run from ear to ear, giving HearNotes a superior listening experience. But for instance, you can’t have the best listening experience due to a hearing problem called tinnitus, don’t worry since can explain to you how does tinnitus go away.

HearNotes are engineered with KLEER technology to deliver true hi-fi stereo audio that Bluetooth simply can’t match. Kleer is a wireless protocol that is found in high end audio products.  Everyone will appreciate  the amazing sound reproduction that HearNotes brings to an type of music.

So whether you are traveling, exercising or enjoying a cup of joe in your local coffee house, you will enjoy the HearNotes experience.

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