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January 13, 2015


Do you need a tablet, smartphone, game console etc.?  beZilch.com has what you are looking for.  Do you have a device that you would like to sell?  beZilch.com has developed a way to make this process the best for you as well.

To post a offer, follow the advice beZilch has on the website:  Posting an offer with beZilch is easy! Just type the name of the device you want to buy, associated specs (color, storage capacity, etc.), and the price you’re looking to pay. Sellers can view offers and sell immediately. Typically, posting an offer allows you to get your device for much less.

You can also view classifieds:  If you’re looking to buy a device quickly, you can view classified ads that sellers have posted. You can search for specific items or view general classified ads. You can buy immediately for the posted price, or you can use the “OBO” feature to try and purchase for less than the posted price (if available).

Others may be looking for the device you want to sell:  When you’re looking to sell your device quickly, view the offers on beZilch. Our platform is open to everyone, companies and individuals, so you should be able to get the most money for your devices when compared to other like-minded sites or retailers.

You can post your own classified to maximize profit from the sale of your device:  beZilch offers you to option to post a classified ad to sell the old fashioned way. You simply post the device you’re selling along with your selling price (and possible “OBO” price), and your ad will show to those who are looking to buy. The best part? Our selling fees are always set at 4%, so you won’t lose a large chunk of your money to commission.

beZilch has create a smart and intuitive way to buy or sell those valuable electronics and devices.  You can also choose to buy or sell locally or globally.  Transactions are also secured by Paypal so buyers and sellers are covered.

For more information, go to www.beZilch.com

For a video interview with beZiltch CEO, go to http://tpn.tv/2015/01/08/ces-2015-bezilch/

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