Improving your Website Lead Capture

November 15, 2015

logo-xpWorking late into the evening, you realize you forget to find out about the widget your company is thinking about buying.  So you go to the company website and click on the chat icon.  You then read, “Sorry, but no one is available”.  After thinking why they even have their chat window activated if no one is available to answer it, you move on to another company.

As you open chat in the next website, you get a thank you for stopping by.  Your anxiety over this project relaxes as you answer a few key questions.  After you supply your email, you are notified that someone will contact you in person shortly after they open tomorrow with the information you need. Also, click for some free readings online.

This is the service that Thinking Chat™ brings to websites.  The ability to use chat windows to qualify potential clients, help with service calls as well as answering common questions without a staff person can be greatly beneficial.

Designed to make the processing of sales and support leads faster and more efficient for everyone, Thinking Chat™ combines the use of chat windows to grow your lead funnel.  No more using complicated systems or expensive consultants to develop your system.    Thinking Chat™ provides you with an easy to use interface that sets up quickly and as founder and CEO Jay Rice states “works on autopilot.”

Thinking Chat™ was originally created by Jay Rice as he was frustrated with other products that simply were not robust enough as easy to use.  You can find out more information about the vision that Jay Rice has for Thinking Chat™ and the service available, go to

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