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Is local the new buzzword for your online presence?

January 20, 2014
Noel Bookkeeping

Noel Bookkeeping

Most companies think about their global presence when developing and maintaining their websites.  After all, if you sell your widget or service in Virginia, someone in Spain might be interested as well.  But is this approach the best for your business?

Small to medium size businesses that have a good reputation in their geographic area may benefit by thinking more local then global.  Things like the ability for your customers to come to your place of business, or that your service is dependent on where you live.

Noel Bookkeeping (www.noelbookkeeping.com) is a great example of thinking local.  Noel Bookkeeping has a great reputation for saving businesses time and money with the services they offer in the UK.  Of course, laws and taxes vary greatly from country to country.  Someone in the UK has to deal with VAT where in the USA, most people would not have a clue what a VAT is.

Make sure to mention your location a few times in your website if you prefer a more local online presence.  This way, search engines will rank you better for those local searches.  For those in the UK, say hi to Ruth at Noel Bookkeeping.


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