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Just heard about this great new yogurt place on the radio. Wish I could remember the name.

"Guru Of Geek" Marlo Anderson using the app Minfo.

“Guru Of Geek” Marlo Anderson using the app Minfo.

We are constantly bombarded with advertising.  With all that noise, it is amazing that we remember anything at all.  However, there are times when you see a billboard, read a magazine or hear a radio ad and you want to use that service or get that product.  Problem is, by the time you get to your office or home, you have forgotten the contact info for the company or even what the company name is!

Companies lose valuable customers and ROI for the advertising they purchase. Of course, there is also nothing more frustrating then trying to recall something from an ad you heard or read.

If you are carrying a smart device, you may never have to worry about this situation again.  Minfo, a free app for Andriod and iPhone, has a number of unique features to help you recall those ads.  When you open Minfo, it immediately starts “listening” to capture that important audio snippet.  This is perfect if you are commuting and need to record something quickly without fumbling through a menu.

Minfo can also capture QR codes for those special deals.  Simply open the history feature of the app and all the information you captured is there for you. You can share this information to social media or by email.

Minfo is also intuitive.  After hearing an ad, it will recognize the company and provide special offers etc. that are available.  The same is true for information it captures via the camera on the phone.

It is refreshing to see a new app that solves a real world problem that many people can use.  The app is currently available in the Android and iPhone stores.  More information can be found at www.minfo.com.

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