Need a new “Spin” for an email, article or paper you are writing?

February 24, 2015

spinning-We have all had this experience.  You feel like you are writing the same thing over and over again.  Maybe, you are experiencing writers block.  Even after you write that email, you read it over and think to yourself that if it was just re-written, it would read much better.

According to, this is a free writer’s tool designed to help authors at any level with the writing process. This online tool can be very useful for writers who need help thinking of other ways to say the same thing, or for paraphrasing the content that they have already written, which might sound better if it was just reworded or rephrased from another point of view.

After reviewing the site, the tool is very easy to use.  Just insert the test that you want to spin, and the tool will give you new, unique way to say what you mean.

They go on to say that, this tool can also be useful for anyone in the article writing industry who already has a database of articles, so they can simply rewrite and re-assemble their existing content and save themselves the trouble of having to write everything from scratch every time … much the same way as web designers don’t create a new website from scratch every time — they re-use the work they have already done.

So if you need a new  “spin” on your written work, try out the free tool at



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