Never overcook anything on the grill again!

Cappec Food Thermometer

Cappec Bluetooth Food Thermometer

I enjoy grilling in the summer.  Wrap up some sliced potatoes with onions and butter and let them simmer while the steaks sizzle.  Some of my guests enjoy steaks medium rare , some medium and others well done.  So i am constantly moving steaks around on the grill to make sure they are done to order.  Of course, I almost never get it right.

Well, no more!  The bluetooth food thermometer by Cappec has solved this issue.  Get the app, sync your phone to the thermometer and you will become a cooking guru.  Those expensive steaks will be done just like your guests want.

The probes (yes there are two of them) send the temperature to your phone and let you know when that steak is cooked to perfection.  Of course, there are many other foods that you can use the thermometer with.  The app is easy to use and the thermometer is a great conversation piece.

You can find the Cappec wireless food thermometer online at  You will recover the cost of the thermometer in food savings alone.   We enjoyed using this new gadget and we know you will too.

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