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Organize the digital chaos of your event with Livecube.

October 25, 2015

livecube-logo-square-1024x1024The conference you just attended was a whirlwind of networking with like minded people, attending seminars and social media posting. Trying to keep up at the conference and sorting it our afterward can be a time consuming and sometimes impossible task.

Livecube is an app that is used at events to engage the audience as well as give attendees a permanent record of ideas.  The app also allows connections to fellow attendees and ability to give feedback.

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Here is a list of how the Livecube app works:

  • You can populate the schedule and speaker info so your attendees have a digital schedule of the event.
  • Attendees simply visit a short url and view the time-aware schedule.
  • Attendees can sign in and click on the session they’re attending.
  • Posts and reposts on social media start flying after check-in.
  • New posts show up instantly for everyone, and the most popular ideas flow to the top.
  • Attendees earn points, badges and levels based on their activity.
  • The process starts over again for each new session.
  • When the event is over, attendees have a permanent record of ideas, connections to fellow attendees, and the ability to give feedback.

The gamification of the app encourages all attendees to participate.  If the event decides to give away prizes for those that participate, organizers can

Audience at the business conference

Audience at the business conference

expect a high level of participation.  Pre-populating necessary event hashtags also reduces confusion and increases social media awareness for your event and organization.

As an event organizer, you take the time to make sure the event goes well.  Recruiting high level speakers, the right venue and networking opportunities for your attendees.  Livecube allows you to leverage social media and your attendees smart devices to keep your event running smoothly as well as encourage and organize those messages created in the digital world.

For more information and to request a demo, go to www.livecube.co.



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