Roll On and On with this Electric Balancing Board

November 2, 2015

3a080a_929a9c6126c94041b60a8758c913d132It is a normal morning as you are getting ready for work. You step out and realize it is a beautiful day. Way to nice to be in the traveling via the subway or the bus for that 3 mile commute. So you grab your Electric Balancing Board and glide to work on the sidewalk. Enjoying the outdoors as you roll up to 10 mph along the sidewalks of the city.

Sound too good to be true. Maybe you feel this is an altruist vision of the future. If so, then your future is here. These two wheel boards are starting to appear on sidewalks, airport terminals and other places that pedestrians travel.

This revolutionary way to travel is being lead by Keystone Wizardy. The Keystone Wizardry “Lectrik Balancing Scooter” features up to 10” wheels, speeds up to 10 mph and a range of up to 15 miles. All of this on a one to two hour charge. Also included are bluetooth speakers and a remote control.

When you reach your destination, the scooter is small enough to store under your desk or in a locker. They also fit in the carry on storage compartment if you are traveling on a plane! You are also never more than a plugin away from refueling your ultimate travel companion for your next outing.

This personal vehicle will be commonplace in a few years. CEO Brian Massiah states in an interview on the Tech Ranch that it takes less than 30 minutes to learn how to operate the “Lectrik”. Of course, it also comes with a remote control to power it up as well as a feature to “lock” the board to prevent others from using it..

If you find yourself in a short commute situation, or are looking for an easy way to get around your neighborhood, you should consider an Electric Balancing Board. You will enjoy the convenience, the low price point to acquire one and the low cost of operating.

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