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Social media that actually encourages Socializing



I have a love / hate relationship with social media.  On one hand, I love the ability to correspond and reconnect with friends and family.  On the other hand, I hate that many use Social Media as a replacement for seeing people face to face.

The problem exacerbates itself for our youth.  By the time a person enters college, this “anti social” behavior is the norm.  FallTerms.com (www.fallterms.com) want to change that.

The founder of Fallterms.com, Jan Pluto, wants to put the social back in social media.  As the site states, Fallterms.com is … the free educated site for college dating and social networking. Fallterms.com has features like campus chat, live streaming with classmates, classified ads, college news, student discussions, and much, much, more!

This is a great approach to social media.  Do yourself a favor and check out Fallterms.com.  They even have a section for college allumni.

So what are you waiting for? Your college life starts now!

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