Oct 29

Stay comfortable and connected this cold weather season with the eBeanie.

The "Guru of Geek" Marlo Anderson using the eBeanie on a cool morning in North Dakota.

The “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson using the eBeanie on a cool morning in North Dakota.

Talking on your cell phone during the cold weather season can be trying at best.  Removing a hat or hood and then pressing that cold phone against your ear is just not very comfortable.  Of course, a bluetooth headset is an option.  However, putting head gear on over a bluetooth headset just doesn’t work.

The team at What’s Good, LLC,, noticed this issue and developed the eBeanie.  The eBeanie has a built in bluetooth headset so it is easy to stay connected and stay warm.  The stylish eBeanie comes in a variety of colors into camouflage for outdoor enthusiasts.

Our team found the eBeanie easy to use.  After syncing to our mobile devices, we listened to music, made phone calls with voice activation as well as activated google maps for directions.  Everything worked flawlessly.  The sound quality was amazingly good.  In fact, we had people in our office lining up to try out the eBeanie.

The eBeanie is fully washable, has a 25 ft range, 60 hours standyby time, 6 hours talk time, works to -25 degrees and includes a USB charging cord.

Basically, for the price of an average bluetooth headset, you can have the eBeanie.  This is actually one of the first wearable technologies we have reviewed that makes sense.  We give the eBeanie a thumbs up.

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