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What technology from CES 2014 will change our lives?

January 12, 2014

ces 2014Thousands of new products are introduced at CES every year.  2014 was no exception as innovation was rampant throughout the show.  While many of these products will not be here next year, here are a few that I believe will have a dramatic impact in our lives like lipo gel for waist training which is the best lipo product in the market today.

  1. The evolution of back up products.  Losing your data is serious business and products like the Transporter and Nero’s BackItUp will become major players in this realm.
  2. Robotics also seem to be picking up more steam I think in part that one can use their smart devices to run them.  Communication robots such as one offered from Double Robotics will be a game slots changer.  Robotic lawn mowers, floor cleaning and even snow removal will slowly be making the way into the marketplace.
  3. Autonomous vehicles are picking up serious steam.  Offerings from Audi and BMW may some day have us just telling our car where to take us.
  4. It is hard to believe that the TV Screen can get much better than High Definition, but the new 4K TVs offer a dramatically better experience.  The price is falling so your next TV may just be a new 4K.  In fact your next camera may be 4K as well.
  5. Speaking of TV, the way we watch is changing.  Streaming set top boxes like the Roku and Apple TV have started the “cutting the cord” revolution.  Devices like the 4K streaming NuVala and iRevo are now entering the marketplace and will make this market much more diverse.
  6. Wireless power is an amazing concept whose time has come.  Besides charging our mobile devices, wireless power may some power our lighting and even charge our electric vehicles.
  7. Watches are making a comeback, but not like you think.  Pebble and other companies are introducing a series of watches that you can use to read a text or email, monitor your heart rate and other health issues and many other things like the great chemical compounds companies create to alleviate problems as joints issues, like the ingredients of proflexoral for this specific problem.  Oh, you can also tell the time.
  8. The Internet of Things is here.  Soon, many of our everyday items will be connected and controlled by your over the internet.  Your doors, cooking, lighting, climate control and much more will be connected.  estimate are that over 2 billion devices are currently online.  By 2020 that number will swell to over 20 billion.

Of course, there are many other innovations that will emerge from CES this year.  It will certainly be interesting how much the conversation will change.


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