Dec 19

2013 Person of the Year is “the Blogger”

Never in the history of civilization has a person had the opportunity to communicate their thoughts, ideas, opinions like we have today.  If you have a way to connect to the Internet, you can communicate with the world.

Financial specialist Kimberly Seabrooks, founder of LadyRomp (, uses her blog to empower women.  Kimberly states that  “ I want to help women and girls fulfill their purpose in life, achieve their goals, have great families and to just have happy healthy lives.”   Kimberly is a great example of having a passion in life and using an Internet median like blogging to express herself.  Kimberly currently has over 10,000 people who follow her posts.

Of course, what you are reading is the product of blogging.  As someone who enjoys simplistic solutions, blogging really fits that bill.  In just a matter of minutes, anyone can create a post and share it with the world.  From there, people will determine if it is worthwhile.  In Kimberly Seabrooks case, over 10,000 (and counting) people have found her cause and her posts interesting enough to follow.

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