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September 7, 2017


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School is in the air! And frankly, on the air today. “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson decided to devote an entire show to the opening of a new elementary school in Bismarck, North Dakota. As parents and students go over those last minute items needed to start the new year, some students are preparing for a new kind of education. An education filled with unconventional learning. An education that will allow each individual student to find their place in an every changing technological society, and maybe one day decide on getting an online business degree as well.

A Vision Comes to Life

Maggie Barth didn’t wake up one day and decide to open an elementary school. As mother of 2, Maggie has spent most of her adult life working in sales positions using the Business Administration and Marketing degree she earned from the University of Mary to support her family. It wasn’t until her children became school-aged did she realize school is different for every child. No one child learns the same as another. Some children are often overlooked because of their learning style. These ideas, along with personal experiences and a lot of research, transitioned Maggie towards implementing the idea of starting a new type of school. The Innovation School.

School of the Future?

We all know technology is changing the way our society operates so it’s no surprise The Innovation School plans on using technology as a foundation for learning. Maggie feels students today should be more focused on keeping up with those changes and preparing them for the world they are about to enter is important. The school curriculum will include using 3-D printers, building robotic kits, learning coding and participation in several computer science programs. Maggie wants to help children find their unique place in the world through use of several unconventional teaching methods and hands on learning. The Innovation School is committed to implementing the idea of learning, doing, sharing, collaboration, experimenting and exploring through the use of four P’s–Projects, Passions, Peers, Play.

Innovation School TidBits

The Innovation School is considered a standardized school according the the North Dakota Department of Education. It meets the requirements to operate, including having a licensed teaching staff and will operate regular hours like other schools in the state. The school is not publicly-funded like other schools in the state and tuition is charged for those students in attendance this year. Space is also limited to 36 students, but is filling up quickly. Maggie thinks this type of education is very beneficial for those students who have the desire to learn in a different setting and looks forward to a successful school year.
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If you have questions about The Innovation School or would like more information, contact Maggie at maggie@theinnovationschool.us or visit the www.theinnovationschool.us/.

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Broadcast Date August 21, 2017  Episode 282

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