A Glimpse into the Future of Digital Health with Allimb at CES 2023

September 11, 2023

In a recent exclusive interview at CES 2023, the Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, connects with Eric Acella from Allimb to uncover how the company is leveraging artificial intelligence to redefine healthcare solutions.

Revolutionizing Health with Artificial Intelligence

Eric Acella dives deep into the operations of Allimb, a digital health startup that has developed an application hosting a virtual healthcare provider. This remarkable tool, backed by artificial intelligence, offers real-time monitoring and guidance during exercises, ensuring that patients adhere to the correct forms and techniques.

Guidance Right at Your Fingertips

The application stands as a beacon of accessibility, requiring no additional equipment as it seamlessly operates through the camera of your smartphone or computer. It offers tutorials for patients, guiding them to execute exercises correctly and facilitating live sessions for an interactive experience.

A Companion for Physiotherapists

Allimb’s product line for physiotherapists allows them to assign the appropriate exercises to their patients. This ensures individuals are not left alone in their recovery journey, as the app guides them even at home, helping them stick to their personalized physiotherapy schedules.

Ensuring Adherence to Therapy

One standout feature is the app’s ability to communicate the patient’s adherence to the prescribed exercise regime back to the physiotherapist. This fosters a stronger patient-therapist relationship, ensuring no patient skips their essential home exercises.

Connecting with Allimb

To explore more about Allimb’s innovative solutions in digital health, visit Allimb’s official website. Keep abreast of the latest in tech with Marlo Anderson by checking out his official website.

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