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August 29, 2017

On this episode of The Tech Ranch, “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson and “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh welcome special guest Anastasia Vance from Las Vegas, Nevada! This trio brings each a different perspective to the show as they discuss the different apps are most popular for every day use in their lives. First, let’s turn our attention to radio call-in guest Meliss Jakubovic, Facebook Marketing Strategist Expert and owner of For online marketing strategy, You should check this link


Meliss Jakubovic is social media expert that can help your business achieve consumer goals through the use of Facebook and other social media outlets. Her vision is to help you connect to your ideal customer on a common ground by maximizing your target base for your audience. Meliss is able to help you travel down a funnel of barriers to reach a larger demographic of consumers and show you how to access the best possibilities social media can bring to your company. effective and measureable branding can be further discussed to you by branding experts. They help companies understand the ROI of branding initiatives, which also demonstrates the value to executives and other teams at companies. Meliss explains how she uses Facebook to teach her clients how to open doors to a bigger and better customer base. Hear how Meliss shares her ideas and suggestions on maximizing your business using social media.
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In the second part of the Tech Ranch show, Marlo, Jim and Annie compare notes on apps they use to help make life easier for them during their daily routine. However, it seems that the trio each have their own perspective on apps, usage of apps or sticking with old school methods of keeping track of a daily schedule. Here is a breakdown of the apps the talked about:

Best Weather App – The winner goes to 1weather. This weather app is for Android users. The features range from real time weather based on location to predicting the forecast 12 weeks out to an up-to-date weather radar so you can see if bad weather is headed your way.

Best Storage AppGoogleDrive comes in first with storage. This App gives the user the ability to store photos, documents, and much more, complemented with SodaPDF easily to back up your documents. Google offers 15 GB of space for free, with the ability to purchase more space if needed. iCloud came in second, partially due to the inability to access your iCloud from anywhere, but also because it only offers 5 GB of space and is limited to Apple users only.

Best Map AppGoogle maps hands down. This map app is the most efficient as far as giving exact directions and is better at providing those directions from anywhere. Again, this app can be used from anywhere and can get you going in the right direction if you are lost.

Best Voice Activated DeviceAlexa is the winner this time. Suri came in second. Alexa seems to have the ability to be more accurate and Suri needs to improve some features as far as providing correct information to it’s users (which are limited again to Apple users only). However, be careful around Alexa. She has capabilities to purchase products without actually being told to, even if she hears it on T.V.!

Best Password is a password management software that creates a password for your for every site you visited that requires one. It works great. The only requirement needed is an extension to your browser and the ability to remember the pasword to your account.

Best Task ManagerTasker and came in tie. Both are user friendly and help its users keep better track of their day. A task manager would be based on personal preference and users should choose what features would be suit them in the long run.

Best Communication AppWhatsApp seems to be the most intriguing app available for communication. Though there are several apps available to choose from, this particular app offers the most features that include texting, international calling, group voice calling, and encryption ALL FREE.

These were just a few Apps that are considered favorites by The Tech Ranch. If you have a favorite app you would like us to review or have a product you want tested, let us know! Leave us a comment on this episode at or call 701-204-6674 for more information.

Join the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson, “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh and “Miss Metaverse” Katie Aquino every week for a new episode of the Tech Ranch.

Broadcast Date July 24, 2017  Episode 278

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