Apple/iCloud Consumer Ransom Threat & ND Leading the Way in Autonomous Vehicles

This week on The Tech Ranch, “Guru of  Geek” Marlo Anderson makes an important announcement about Apple/iCloud products and password protection. This is an extremely important episode to help you protect yourself from the ransom threat Apple has recently received by the London-based Turkey’s Crime Family. “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh and special guest Dave Blair join the in-depth discussion on how to protect yourself for the April 7, 2017, deadline given to Apple. The trio also discusses autonomous vehicles and the impact it’s having in North Dakota.

Join the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson, “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh and “Miss Metaverse” Katie Aquino every week for a new episode of the Tech Ranch.

Broadcast Date March 27, 2017  Episode 265

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