Aurbee, the Arduino compatible, distributed, wireless, micro controller. Available on Kickstarter.


AurBee is a game-changer in the open-source do-it-yourself micro-controller world because of its versatility and its low energy consumption. It combines the simplicity of Arduino with the scalability of ZigBee. Aurbee is, essentially, a wirelessly distributed Arduino platform. AURBEE serves one single purpose, it lets us control multiple Arduino compatible microcontrollers.

Aurbee is a replacement for UNO. It is a complete Arduino clone. And can be used a drop in replacement for any Arduino board. The Zigbee module is built in it. So on the hardware side Aurbee can be used to replace a UNO+Zigbee Shield combination. And on the software side, all the Zigbee related networking code is also built-in, so you can write Stock Arduino style code to communicate to other Aurbees in the network.

More info available at their kickstarter campaign at

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