Back to Mars, Onward to Estevan

Put your seat belt on for an hour long ride as we travel back to Mars and land in Estevan, Canada.

Back To Mars With John Carr

John Carr is an engineer from Texas who participated in the design for the prototype of the Mars lunar base. John discusses the challenges of homesteading on the red planet. Logistics of building a Mars prototype is in the planning stages. He said the technology needed to render the planet somewhat livable currently exists. Raw material and terrain found on the planet  are similar to those found in North Dakota and Australia. Mars has a harsh environment. The temperature is very cold and the air is too thin to breathe. The planet is home to a dangerous toxin called perchlorate. Distance from Earth presents some unique challenges. The transport of humans and needed supplies would be extraordinarily expensive. One solution would be to mine the raw materials available on Mars to build tools and amenities.

Estevan’s Tourism, Trade & Technology Show

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, is an energy hub for production of oil, gas and coal. Estevan’s Economic Development Coordinator Dwight “Fitz” Bramble is hoping to address concerns for future development of new energy technology. Dwight encourages listeners with an interest in developing energy technology to attend the upcoming Tourism, Trade and Technology Show in Estevan.  A major part of the show is the promotion of the international trade corridor, in which both Canada and the U.S. have a strong economic interest. Social media, cyber security, e-commerce are among the other topics on the agenda.

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Uber, Chrome, Apple & Mars

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Broadcast Date February 26,  2018  Episode 306

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