In this episode of The Tech Ranch, the Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson had every the intention of having App Wars. However, like all things in the Guru of Geeks life (and mind), things tend to happen NOT according to plan.

Those of us who know the Guru of Geek call this condition the “Squirrel!!” It’s a true medical condition that occurs when a person starts one thing, then suddenly, with no warning, switches topics or tasks. This sudden activity is very similar to the actions of a squirrel looking for nuts, then twigs, then back to nuts.

Most of the show is with special guest Mike Kopp, Photo Journalist, formerly newspaper editor, television anchor, radio dj, etc., etc., etc. Today, Mike is the creator, story teller and recorder of Beautiful Badlands ND. Listen in as he discusses technology of the years of media and gives an explanation of what his current profession is doing. Plus, he has some interesting thoughts on the latest Harley Davidson Driverless Motorcycle.

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Episode 356 – Aired February 18, 2019

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