Bellagio Lights Up the Sky & Meltdown and Spectre

 The Bellagio Lights Up The Sky

Intel has been creating light shows through the use of drones and getting jacksonville mobile screen hire for some time now. Marlo and Dave had the opportunity to witness just how spectacular the shows are. During CES 2018, both Marlo and Dave attended the “Drone Light Show” at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas during CES 2018.  Intel launched 250 Shooting Star drones over the Bellagio Hotel, syncing up the display with the Fountains of Bellagio water display. The result was an amazing display of entertainment that awed spectators up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

Will drones replace fireworks for every occasion? Probably not. It does seem drones have a real future as high-in-the-sky entertainment! They can do anything you want! The use of drones in the place of fireworks offers a number of advantages.

Planned Obsolescence

In the 1920’s, the automotive industry became saturated. The goal was for Customer acquisition to purchase newer models to keep the market moving. It seemed like a good way to do business. Today, the same scenario is apparent with Apple. The difference is Apple consumers suspect Apple of implementing “enhanced entropy” in their phones.

It’s hard to tell if the problems are deliberate or the result of the outdated technology. As technology advances older technology becomes obsolete. Figuring out if the technology is old or if companies are “causing” problems is hard to distinguish between. Marlo and Dave agree for the companies, honesty is the best policy. The bottom line is companies need to be honest about new developments and explain how that will effect long-term payment plans on your phone.

Data Protection

Congratulations! You’ve worked relentlessly securing your data. You feel confident enough to relax and let your programs take care of business. Unfortunately, we have some bad news (again). We are certain the the bad guys may be a step ahead of you and all your efforts could be pointless. It’s unclear of how vulnerable your data is and whether you have already been exploited by those unseeable misfortunes of living in the digital age. What we do know is there are two major vulnerabilities that need to be addressed–Meltdown and Spectra.


Meltdown is exactly what it sounds like and does exactly what the word means. It melts down your computer memory, piece-by-piece. We’re talking about breaking into the processor. Meltdown allows the bad guy to read your memory without your authorization. Meltdown affects desktops, laptops, and cloud computers. Don’t bother asking if you are vulnerable. Ask how vulnerable are you right now?

It gets worse. The vulnerabilities apply to cloud infrastructure as well. The good news is protective measures, known as patches, are available to help combat Meltdown. The bad news is they tend to slow down your system.


Spectra sounds like it would refer to something shiny and sleek. Sadly, the word means the total opposite. Spectra is a word used to find vulnerabilities inside your microprocessor. It breaks the isolation between applications, allowing the hacker to trick error-free programs (which follow best practices) into leaking secrets. Almost every system, including smart phones, is potentially affected. Safety checks may actually increase the attack surface and make applications more susceptible! Checking for Spectre actually makes you more vulnerable! Spectre is harder to exploit, but harder to fix. The challenge of Spectre is you likely will not know if you’ve been hacked. Protective measures are in the works. Protect yourself by updating your system and changing your passwords as often as possible.

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Broadcast Date January 22,  2018  Episode 301

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