Breaking Away From Traditional Energy

Clean Energy In North Dakota

Lightspring, LLC launches reliable, technically sound, and efficient solar farms. The enterprise uses solar energy to generate electricity on tracts of dormant or existing agricultural land. These methods break from traditional power generation means such as fossil fuels, hydroelectric and nuclear.

Someone You Should Know

James Kambeitz, ​​Public Relations, Media, & Information Technology Advisor: James Kambeitz is an experienced communications specialist, working as a film director, editor, scriptwriter, public speaker, television and radio producer. James directed, shot, edited and produced over 500 television programs. He has a Master’s Degree in English from the University of North Dakota and Post-graduate work in Cinematography at the prestigious Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland.

James is a fourth-generation North Dakotan. He is a life-long clean air advocate who promotes clean energy, sustainability, local agriculture, music, art, culture and small businesses in Bismarck-Mandan. James is a volunteer for the American Lung Association of ND Board of Directors as well as actively  He has been a member of the local groups Urban Harvest, BisMarket, Go Bismarck-Mandan, the ND Film and Media Association, local CSAs (community supported agriculture) like  Riverbound Farms.

Dr. John Bagu, Public Relations:  Dr. John Bagu has a passion for clean energy and clean transportation. His family house was the largest solar producing entity in Fargo for 4 years and he has the first inductively charged EV in North Dakota with the best interior decorators working for them. He worked on the Fargo/Cass County Comprehensive Energy Study that discovered the Fargo community spends $607 million-$774 million every year on energy (depending on the price of gas). He created a 30-Year Energy Freedom Plan that would make Fargo & Cass County free of air pollution and save $8 billion in the process. This calls to us, the average people, to make out own plan and make a difference in saving non-renewable energy sources and prevent them from repleting completely. An energy comparison of a measure of how much your house consumes energy would throw light on many aspects and help significantly in devising your own energy-saving plan.

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