Breaking Boundaries in Broadcasting: GlobalM’s Innovative Solutions Unveiled at CES

September 13, 2023

In an era where broadcasting struggles with connectivity and bandwidth limitations are rife, GlobalM steps in with a solution that promises to revolutionize the broadcasting landscape. At CES 2023, Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek, sat down with Paul Calleja from GlobalM to delve deeper into the innovation that the company brings to the table.

Introducing GlobalM’s Game-Changing Technology

At the core of GlobalM’s solution is a system meticulously designed for contribution, distribution, and remote production. This network is scalable, facilitating the transmission of content to multiple global locations simultaneously, hence promising a solution to the perennial problem of bandwidth limitations experienced at grand events like CES.

A noteworthy recent development is the integration of NVIDIA DeepStream into the GlobalM network, enhancing its capabilities multi-fold. Now, broadcasters have the leverage to tailor video signals to individual client preferences, varying from adjustments in bitrate to frame rate modifications, and even toggling between interlaced and progressive settings, demonstrating a truly versatile solution.

Beyond Connectivity: The Advantages of GlobalM’s System

The GlobalM system stands tall as a potent alternative to satellite and private fiber networks, traditionally employed for large-scale broadcasting endeavors. Its dynamic range, capable of accommodating bit rates from one to hundreds of megabits per second, makes it a robust choice for events demanding high bit rate transmissions, including sports events.

Moreover, the technology employs SRT, featuring a three-point Packet Recovery system, assuring a seamless broadcasting experience devoid of the disruptions typically associated with connectivity issues.

The Future of Broadcasting is Here

As we stand on the cusp of a broadcasting renaissance, GlobalM is leading the charge with a solution that accommodates diverse broadcasting preferences, paving the way for a future where connectivity issues are a thing of the past. Its integration with NVIDIA DeepStream promises a tailor-made broadcasting experience, where each client’s unique needs are met with precision.

As the tech world keenly watches the strides GlobalM is making, it is clear that the future of broadcasting is here, and it is more exciting than we could have ever imagined.

Discover more about GlobalM’s groundbreaking solutions at their official website and stay tuned for more updates from the world of tech with the Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson.

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