Bridging the Crypto Gap with NoBank: An Interview with Krisina Morf at CES 2023

September 11, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of crypto, Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, sits down with Krisina Morf, a representative from NoBank, a Swiss blockchain startup. The startup seeks to eliminate the hurdles encountered by both tech-savvy and non-technical individuals when navigating the blockchain space.

NoBank: Making Blockchain Accessible

NoBank has engineered a non-custodial smart contract wallet, a brainchild designed to enhance the blockchain user experience, matching the comfort and simplicity of using any other regular app.

The Non-Custodial Assurance

A pivotal feature of the NoBank wallet is its non-custodial nature, meaning the company never has access to user funds, thereby promoting secure transactions. This model safeguards users from potential crises that have plagued platforms like FTX in the past.

Simple and Secure Recovery Options

Krisina shares the ingenious recovery solutions integrated into the NoBank wallet. Forget the traditional, cumbersome seed phrases; NoBank provides options such as Google Authenticator or social recovery, adding an extra layer of convenience without compromising security.

Positive User Feedback

Krisina shares feedback from users, including her hairdresser, who found the app to be “cute” and “comfortable,” underlining the company’s success in making blockchain technology accessible and user-friendly to everyone, technical or not.

Getting Started with NoBank

Since its launch in September, NoBank has witnessed a surge in organic growth, with the app readily available in all app stores. Users can delve into a simple yet secure blockchain experience by downloading the app today.

Connect with NoBank

To find out more about NoBank and to get started on a simplified blockchain journey, visit their official website.

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