Build an app on your own with Instant App Wizard.

building apps with

Building apps with

Most businesses consider apps a necessity, but are usually not excited about committing considerable time and resources to the project.  For small businesses, the task may seem simply overwhelming.

Instant App Wizard ( can take the sting away from building an app for your business.  In as little as twenty minutes, you company can have a great and functioning web based app.  Fees are low and based on usage.  You can start small and if your app becomes popular (and making you a few dollars), you can upgrade your account.

With weekly training each Wednesday night and a team that is eager to please, Instant App Wizard is the place to go to get away from the noise and confusion of app development.

A great feature is integration into your existing social media channels.  Leveraging social media can create a buzz for your app as well.  Your app allows you to send texts and special deals in just a click.

So if you have been thinking about how do I get started with building an app, check out  The place where building an app is fun and good for your business.

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