CES 2021 – The All Digital Experience

December 18, 2020
CES Logo

CES 2021 is right around the corner. Although, this year, it appears that things are going to be looking a whole lot different. As health concerns surrounding Covid-19 continue to grow on a global scale, it has become clear to the organizers of CES that it will not be safe to host the almost 200,000 people that would likely attend.

CES has taken center stage on innovation for over 50 years and I have no doubt that CES 2021 will not disappoint. They have promised an all digital evolution of the event that will offer a highly personalized experience. We can still expect the keynotes and conferences with groundbreaking announcements. We can still expect to be able to engage with thought leaders and brands while participating in live meetups and round table discussions. And we can certainly still expect to explore the products and services that will shape our future. We will just do it from the safety and convenience of our own offices.

Through this pandemic, one thing has become clear, people are resilient and we will always find a way to solve problems with technology. It only makes sense that CES be at the forefront of championing solutions and become a model for how it should be done.

As for me, I will still be marking my calendar for the first week in January and am excited to see how this will all unfold. As always, I will report back to you with the most exciting and relevant discoveries I find there. In the meantime, check out some of our CES interviews from previous years.

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