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What does our future show about artificial intelligence (AI)? Are we going to be replaced in the workforce? The Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson, Tech Geezer Jim Walsh and special guest Mike Seminary discuss their thoughts about how AI is impacting us now. Will the trio be able to compromise on how they feel AI will impact the future?

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Google and Microsoft are leading major corporations into the future with their AI business plans. Undeniably, there needs to be a willingness to adapt and keep an open mind on how AI will benefit the workforce. Furthermore, understanding the positive and negatives of AI will help employees adapt. Eventually, all businesses will convince their employees that using AI will make workflow more efficient.

What is Blockchain?

Organizations in a variety of sectors are experimenting with blockchain technology. Their goal is to establish trust networks, improve transparency and reduce friction and costs. Industrial applications are expanding innovative solutions for energy, trade, marketing, healthcare, security and more. Is this the currency of the future?

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Episode 362 – Aired April 1, 2019