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Create your own Digital Signage on the Cheap!

December 20, 2013
Digital Sign

Digital Sign

You see them all over in businesses, stadiums and even menu boards.  Digital signs are everywhere and setting them up can be expensive.  But do you really have to hire someone or a digital sign firm to get this done.  Well, the answer is you can do it yourself for a fraction of the price.

So here are the ingredients:

Flat Screen TV

Roku – Streaming TV Box

Zoovio Account

Graphics Software on your Computer

Wireless Internet

You already know what a flat screen TV is.  Simply place the TV where you want you digital sign to be.  Of course, if you wan to mount it on a wall, you will have to pick up the hardware for that as well.

The Roku is a set top streaming device that hooks up to almost any TV new or old. The Roku has over 1,000 channels.  There is no monthly service charge for the Roku but some of the channels like Netflix do carry a fee.  The Roku is available at most major department stores or at www.zoovio.com.

Zoovio is an online private vault that store both your new digital videos and your old videos currently on video tape.  Many locations across the USA will transcode those tapes and put them into your free Zoovio account.  One lessor know fact is that you can also put photos and graphics on Zoovio as well.

Wireless Internet is needed for the Roku to work.

So now that you understand all the ingredients, lets make a digital sign.

1.  Place the TV where people can easily see it.  Beware of sunlight issues, moisture etc.

2.  Hook up the Roku to the TV and sync the Roku to the internet following the easy on screen instructions.

3.  Go to www.Zoovio.com and get your free account.

4.  Go back to the Roku and find the Zoovio Channel.  Look in the channel screen under photos and video.  Follow the easy on screen instructions and sync the Roku to your Zoovio Account.

5.  Create graphics, photos etc and upload them to the photos area on Zoovio.

6.  Go to your Zoovio Channel, click on your photos and Ta Da, you have a digital sign.  Your photos and graphics will play in an endless loop.

So what did all of this cost.  You can pick up a 42 inch TV for $350, and a Roku for $60.  The rest you probably already have and the Zoovio account is free.

One more thing, with places like LED Digital Signs Calgary, you can always change your sign when you want.  Simply add or remove graphics from Zoovio as needed.  No service charges, no monthly maintenance fees, none it it.

So enjoy your digital sign on the cheap and get more from https://www.navori.com/.



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