Mar 10

Do you secure your house and car? Now you can secure your trailer.

TALocksmTrailers are not cheap.  Of course, the contents you have in them can also be expensive.  Most people use some type of hitch guard and padlocks to secure their trailers.  Of course that is better than nothing, but if there was a way to better protect your valuables, you would like to know about it.

I recently came upon and was really impressed with the choices a person has for trailers.  The choices range from mobile and portable security products. The alarms will flash the running lights, sound the siren, and lock up electric brakes if the trailer has them. Some of the alarm systems have options like cellular and GPS tracking options.

Trailer alarm systems are just that – an alarm system. Although they do deter theft, it does not prevent theft. If your trailer is stolen, hopefully you have also installed a GPS tracking system to find it quickly.  In fact, I would recommend it.


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