Drone Rodeo 2017 With Mike Leyva of Epson

February 14, 2017

(Drone Rodeo – CES 2017 – Las Vegas)

Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, spent some time with Mike Leyva, Epson, during Drone Rodeo 2017 at CES. Epson is launching a new product called the Moverio BT 300, a 3rd generation smart glasses platform. Epson has teamed up with DJI, the leading provider of drones, to bring a better experience to flying drones.

Moverio BT 300 is an innovative drone technology that allows for a live view of a flying drone, while providing a semi-transparent view of the pilot’s surroundings. This new glasses technology will allow a drone pilot the ability to see display information from the drone’s camera while keeping it in visual sight from the ground. The goal of this product is to provide better safety, more fun and a better flying experience.

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