eFarm Pro: The Future of Sustainable Farming Unveiled at CES

September 13, 2023

In the bustling halls of CES 2023, Marlo Anderson, popularly known as the Guru of Geek, connected with Tatiana Gorzey, a representative from eFarm Pro, a company at the forefront of ag-tech innovation.

Navigating the Future of Agriculture with eFarm Pro

eFarm Pro has redefined the agriculture sector with its ingenious navigator that aids farmers in utilizing their resources sustainably and efficiently. This device, which can be installed on any existing farming equipment, guides farmers with approximately two-inch precision on working their fields, consequently saving substantial amounts of fuel and water.

The real game-changer here is the ability to integrate this technology with older equipment, bringing a high-tech upgrade to even dated machinery. Farmers can additionally log data concerning the amount of fertilizer or other products used, facilitating an evenly distributed application on their fields.

More Than Just a Product: An Educational Tool

Beyond just offering hardware and software solutions, eFarm Pro empowers farmers with educational materials and training to use the technology more proficiently. Operating since 2016, the company nurtures a clientele of over 2000 farmers, mainly small and medium-scale, in Ukraine, guiding them towards more sustainable farming practices.

A Step Towards a Safer Future with eFarm Pro’s Non-Profit Initiative

What particularly stands out is eFarm Pro’s heartening initiative towards developing a self-driving tractor to demine fields in Ukraine, a region where about 30% of the fields are plagued with landmines. Collaborating with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, they aim to expedite the demining process, a move steering towards safer farming landscapes in Ukraine.

Presently in the fundraising stage, this non-profit product mirrors eFarm Pro’s commitment not only to advance agriculture but also to foster safety and well-being in communities.

Connect with eFarm Pro

To learn more about this revolutionary ag-tech company and their products, visit the official eFarm Pro website. eFarm Pro is currently seeking distributors in the U.S., South Africa, and South America, opening avenues for global collaborations.

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