Elevating Senior Care with Sedimentum:

September 11, 2023

In an illuminating discussion at CES 2023, Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, meets Eugenie Nicoud from Sedimentum to explore a product revolutionizing the senior care sector.

Empowering Seniors to Stay Home

Sedimentum has crafted an emergency detector to facilitate seniors living safely and independently in their own homes. Installed on the ceiling, it identifies health-threatening events such as falls or strokes, promptly alerting caregivers or a 24/7 response center, while staunchly respecting privacy by avoiding the use of microphones and cameras.

Technology Behind The Detector

Nicoud shares the secret behind the potent device: a radar sensor developed in-house, coupled with AI, meticulously monitors human motion patterns and discerns emergencies from daily activities, offering a vigilant eye that distinguishes genuine crises.

Swift Response in Emergencies

In an emergency, the detector springs into action, notifying caregivers through a companion app. If the senior is unable to respond, the response center contacts them, ensuring their safety through a well-knit network of family, neighbors, and friends ready to help.

A Subscription-Based Lifeline

Sedimentum offers not just a device but a holistic experience, providing a subscription service encompassing device installation and a dedicated emergency response center, ensuring seniors have a safe living environment round the clock.

A Real-Life Savior

Through a touching story, Nicoud illustrates the device’s potential as a lifesaver, recounting an instance where it facilitated timely assistance for a young stroke patient living alone, thereby underscoring the significant impact of timely intervention.

Connect with Sedimentum

Delve deeper into Sedimentum’s innovations on their official website.

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