Entrepreneurs will soon have a new place to call home

December 3, 2014
Douglas Vermeeren,  founder of BusinessNetworker.com

Douglas Vermeeren, founder of BusinessNetworker.com

So you have decided to add a new product to your line but need a new box to ship it.  You need to develop a mobile app but don’t know where to go.  You have a great idea but need a partner and an angel to help fund it.

In the past, you would have to go to many websites, maybe spend hours researching and then feel like your on a boat alone, floating in a sea hoping to find your “island”.  Well that is all about to change.

Business Networker, www.BusinessNetworker.com, is about to change all of that.  Imagine a community that will help you source product, find qualified people, forge business relationships and much more.

In a recent interview on the Tech Ranch, www.thetechranch.com,  founder Doug Vermeeren stated he is excited for the site to launch.  “People seemed to be genuinely enthused to use our platform to start, help or expand their businesses”

As one of the USA’s top motivational speakers, Mr. Vermeeren is taking what people have expressed interest in and molding BusinessNetworker.com  to fill those needs.  Mr. Vermeeren’s unique qualifications will make BusinessNetworker.com the go to place for entrepreneurs.

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