FoodMarble Gives Feedback on the Unique Way We Digest Our Food

FoodMarble is based on the principle that everyone’s digestive system is unique in the way it processes food. On average, 1 in 8 people experience frequent digestive disruption. FoodMarble has developed a system for tracking these reactions in more precise and measurable ways. The data then helps people decipher the root cause of their food intolerances.

While we may not all suffer from food allergies, many of us have an intolerance to certain foods. By measuring the hydrogen in our breath, the FoodMarble’s handheld device offers in-home tracking of your body’s absorption of the food you eat. The digestion process takes several hours, so tracking the process is inconvenient.

FoodMarble is easy to use too! Simply take a photo of the food you are about to consume, enter any symptoms you experience after eating into the FoodMarble App. FoodMarble then gets to the precise ingredients and patterns of stress or sleep that may be causing your digestive issues.
With a comprehensive food database, FoodMarble is the new way to control those things that upset our stomachs!

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