Forpheus, the Ping Pong Robot takes on Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek

February 11, 2019

Matt Trowbridge, VP of Marketing for OMRON, explains the concept behind their latest creation, a ping pong playing robot called Forpheus.

Matt highlights the fun and useful ways to use automation technology. He says at its core, Forpheus employs AI technology to read, track and measure the skill of its opponent by sizing up the human player’s height and paddle maneuvering.

The robot returns the ball with an eye toward improving its opponent’s game. Internal cameras and sensors capture and analyze the human player’s wrist and elbow movements. Forpheus then show’s how quickly the player returns to neutral, among hundreds of other cues, to offer coaching advice on how to improve the players level of play.

Forpheus even shows a comparison between the players technique and a field expert to see how the player measures up to the pros.

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