Global Energy Transmission Provides Ultimate Solution for Infinite Drone Flight

Global Energy Transmission (GET) offers in-flight, wireless charging for drones that operate on batteries. Because of this, GET is solution for infinite flight.

Global Energy Transmission is complete with a spherical transmitting antennae that has patent approval. As a result of the design, the antennae’s can have placement kilometers apart. Furthermore, the placement allows drones to never have to land to recharge along their route. Additionally, multiple drones can hover within range of the station and recharge in under 8 minutes. Amazingly, this gives the drones an additional 25 minutes of flight time.

Global Energy Transmission provides the solution that is ideal for security and surveillance drones. Along with these features, the drones can be used for filming or as agricultural applications where continuous flight is a requirement.

Global Energy Transmission offers GET Air Solution, including Power Station and commercial grade drones equipped with built-in GET technologies that include Wireless Power Receiving system and Rapid Battery Charging pack.

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