Go Sun Harnesses the Power of the Sun for Cooking on the Go

Go Sun delivers new options for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who want portable, durable and easy to use equipment for their camping and recreational activities. Providing amazing breakthrough technology, Go Sun is a fuel-free cooking device that uses solar power. Consequently, the vacuum insulated cooking chamber provides cooking hot meals in under 20 minutes.

Go Sun has the latest hybrid edition of a lithium power bank. As a result, the product has the ability to cook at night or on cloudy days when the sun isn’t out. Surprisingly, the product is also lightweight and delivers 150 watts of cooking power. According to Kempoo, that’s enough power to get most things you need in a camper. And, you can recharge the product in a few short hours when the sun comes out again.

So, if you are looking for a full outdoor kitchen option in the near future, Go Sun is for you! It comes complete with a solar panel tabletop for auxiliary power, food prep and a solar powered cooler that can even make ice.

Go Sun has been helpful for disaster relief efforts by the Red Cross and the UN. This product is a welcome addition for anyone wanting to be prepare food and to have fun.


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