Hover Surf Debuts the World’s First Electric Quadcopter

Hover Surf founder Alex Atamanov says his prototype invention came to life from the desire to develop a flying, quad engine motorcycle. Driven by the dream to fly, Alex spent four years on this current model.

Today, Special Forces are conducting testing on the flying motorcycle before releasing it to consumers. Through this testing, Special Forces hope to collect data for future consumer models. Interestingly, ultralight vehicles like the Hover surf require no special license.

The flying motorcycle can take off and land from a parking lot. Luckily, the battery does have a range of 20 miles. However, if you start to run low on energy, it’s easily rechargeable from your wall outlet. A coreless DC motor is an efficient motor that is much lighter than traditional motors containing a heavy iron core.

Surprisingly, the Hover Surf can physically ascend to around 6000 feet. Unfortunately, the FAA limits the flight altitude of these types of products to only 16 feet. Additionally, current regulations prevent flying above the regulation.

Currently, the Hover Surf follows the speed limitation of 15 mph according to regulations. Despite this, the flying motorcycle is still complete with safety features. Therefore, if the restrictions are become more lenient, the Hover Surf can to transition easily with safety specs already in place.

This prototype sure aims to to capture the imagination of anyone wanting to fly!

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