How can augmented reality enhance your smart device?

November 18, 2013

Co-founder of Trigg-AR,  Candice Cunliffe, asks me while we are live on the Tech Ranch if I had downloaded the app.  Little did she know that I had and was blown away by Trigg-AR.  First, let me do my best to explain this amazing app.

You already know what a QR Reader can do on your phone.  Scan the code and a website, coupon, etc. will appear of the phone.  What a great way to get more information about products.

So what if you could scan the product itself.  No codes to find, no problems scanning the code.  Well, that is what Trigg-AR does.  My best description is that it is the logical next step from a QR Code.  Simply activate the Trigg-AR app, you camera comes to life and will give you “hints” to press play when a Trigg product or graphic is found.  The app then starts a video or can take you to websites etc. to inform the consumer.

So back to the beginning of this article.  Candice asks if I had downloaded the app.  Her team had ask that I do this before the Tech Ranch broadcast.  So I took their advice and downloaded the app.  I then went to as instructed.  Opened the app and pointed my android phone at the screen.  Above the Tech Ranch banner was a play button.  So I thought, that is pretty cool.  Pressed the play button and in a few seconds a video started to play.

The possibilities, endless.  This is a technology that deserves your attention.  For more information and to get the free app, go to

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