Is Big Brother Watching Thru Smart Devices?


We live in a smart society and most of us have a smart device of some sort. Smart devices spying are on you in your home. Your privacy is being invaded and you might now realize just how much.

Smart TVs

Your smart TV can actually listen to you. Smart TVs are not tamper proof and you’re probably being monitored by hackers or Big Brother. Contemporary smart electronics monitor our choices in order to gear specific types of advertising towards you. It’s a more sophisticated version of the Facebook algorithm. Websites exists where you can watch and listen in on private monitoring. Setting a new password for all of your devices helps to combat the private monitoring. Buy the best smart tv and other electronic devices only from trusted online sites. Clever Shop List has a good round-up regarding the same. You can check them out today.

Smart Drones Outsmarting Operators

There is now evidence that the Chinese government is using drones sold in America for their own surveillance purposes. Recently, The Guru of Geek purchased a smart drone. While preparing to add the drone software to his own device he found the EULA written entirely in Chinese. After running an online translation, he discovered the manufacturer reserved the right to “all imagery and telemetry” gathered by the drone to store in their own servers. The manufacturer is subsidized by the Chinese government. Choosing a domestic version of the software could help prevent this from happening.


The distance between Cleveland to Chicago is about 340 miles. Hypothetically, it would take between five to six hours to drive. Imaging traveling to either place under a half hour. In a few years this could become a reality with something called the Hyperloop. A brainchild of Elon Musk, Hyperloop is essentially a passenger pod in a tube designed to run via vacuum power at seven hundred miles (or more) per hour hour. Think of it as a larger version of the capsule thing you use at the bank drive-through. Estimates put construction at about a million dollars a mile making the project roughly what we pay for roads today. Imagine cruising at jet-plane speed through a tube near the ground. The federal government has reportedly earmarked about $20 million for a public-private partnership in developing a prototype. With high-speed transportation, long-distance daily commuting could become routine.

Super Cars

Flying cars are still largely in the experimental stage. Don’t expect a sky full of flying cars just yet, but the day is coming soon. The Guru of Geek is one of the lucky one’s to actually ride in one. The target price is around $15,000. The same price as a medium-sized car. Many of us will live to see the day when driving will become flying.

3-D Printing

3-D printers are currently developing capabilities to build houses. The most popular 3-D house is currently a 400-square foot home. The cost to build it is around $10,000. 3-D houses, built as a single unit, would not need the support system of a standard house. They could be extreme-weather and earthquake-proof. Areas with wide-open spaces could fill up with new residential areas. We will need to address the economic implications of this new type of housing in the near future. How it will affect the housing market remains to be scene. Real estate is obviously one wild card where the market fluctuates.

Ehang 184: The Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Sneak Peak

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Broadcast Date February 19,  2018  Episode 305

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