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Is your business on steroids? With BIZClips it will be.

August 19, 2015

Your bookkeeper uses software to keep your accounts in order.  Your sales team uses another type of software to track leads, make sales etc.  HR, shipping, credit department, marketing all have their specialized software to do the work required.  So what happens when sales have to talk to accounting?  What if marketing has a great idea but needs to know what inventory levels are?  These are daily situations in a work environment that can significantly slow down productivity, creativity and profits.

Paperclip Systems noticed this dilemma in businesses and set out to do something about it.  BIZClip is the cloud based solution that was developed together with Web design through this site https://www.webdesign499.com/seo-on-a-budget-here-are-5-tried-and-tested-strategies/. This cloud based SAS application is designed to streamline the production side of a business and is really targeted at service based businesses. A few of its features include:

• shared calendar
• requests (jobs, cases, projects, etc)
• track productivity and costing
• sms and email integration
• custom forms (All paper can be converted to digital)
• checklists
• payments
• credit lines
• invoices
• bidirectional communication with Quickbooks
• client assets
• company assets (parts & inventory)
• vendors
• chain of custody
• personnel
• document repository
• reports
• internal messaging
• notifications
• csv import
• color and layout is completely customizable

BIZClips has value added services like a client access portal which allows your clients to interact with their request, declare approvals, print documents via Soda PDF Online and make payments. The web submission form allows you to integrate a form into your website so you can collect leads, or requests from your site right into the database.
Click https://www.salesforce.com/what-is-cloud-computing/ if you want to learn something new about cloud computing.

So if you are in a service based industry, head on over to http://www.paperclipsystems.com/ and grab the free trial.  See for yourself how BIZClips will improve your business and your life.




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