Kick Start your project, augmented reality for your smart device and a self powered bicycle wheel.

"Guru of Geek"  Marlo AndersonJim Walsh and the “Guru of Geek” continue their discussion of the legalities of “printing” a gun with a 3D Printer.

Film maker Rubidium Wu joins the discussion and talks about his upcoming project.  Rubidium also tlkas about how Kick Starter has changed the landscape for funding projects and businesses.

Co-founder of Trigg-AR,  Candice Cunliffe, launches the U.S. version of the Trigg-AR app on the Tech Ranch.  This technology uses Augmented Reality with your smart phone to enhance consumer information and choices.

Ken Sanders from the Volt Report introduces us to a new smart electric wheel that can be added to any bicycle and drones flying in the New York Library.

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Broadcast Date November 18, 2013   Episode 99

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