Laugh a little more with eBaum’s Daily Digest for iOS

October 8, 2015

The hilarity of humanity is what the fans of eBaum’s World thrive on.  For over 10 years, millions of people a day flock to this website to read the stories and watch the videos that cause us to laugh at ourselves.  Since many of us now use our smart devices to access the internet, looking at eBraum’s World on our small screens has been a challenge.

ebaum_worldThat is about to change with the introduction of eBraum’s Daily Digest.  This iOS app (soon available for android) is a new way to digest those funny news stories and videos.  Content changes daily so you can be assured of new laughs every time you access the app.

The easy to use search interface and fast loading videos will keep you entertained while standing in line at the grocery store, on the subway or on break at the office.

Download the app here. For computer users, bookmark the webpage

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