Everyone has seen the increasing amount of Lyft and Uber drivers around town. However, not all the effects of these services are as visible as the cars themselves. Luckily, Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson and Tech Geezer Jim Walsh have Dustin Gawrylow to fill them in. Dustin has driven for both Lyft and Uber. He shares what he has learned after giving over 5000 rides. Hop in to this episode of The Tech Ranch for an information free ride. 


If you pay attention to the news, it may seem like crime is rampant. In actuality, crime rates are down significantly. “The Guru of Geek” thinks mobile phones deserve the credit. Phones allow people to not only report crimes faster and easier, but also record the crimes. 


The ability to make fake pictures, videos, and audio that look and sound real is getting easier everyday. These fabrications are known as deep fakes. Deep fakes are becoming harder to spot due to advancements in artificial intelligence. They may even have implications on things as large as the presidential election!

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Episode 368 – Aired June 10, 2019


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