Mastrad Meat It Smart Thermometer

February 27, 2019

Mastrad’s Meat It Smart cooking thermometer is a CES Innovation Award honoree in the Smart Home Product Category for a reason! This revolutionary device has a wireless design and integration with any smart device. Thankfully, allowing you to spend more time with your guests and less guesswork on your meal.

Installation is easy for the Mastrad’s Meat It Smart device. Simply insert the probe into the meat of your choice, launch the app and select the probe. The app allows monitoring up to four separate probes at a time. Amazingly, after setting a desired temperature, the app quickly sends updates on cooking time and when it will be done. The device even alert you should the cooking element flare up. As a result, you can save settings previously used, making your cooking expertise appear effortless.

This precision instrument makes cooking like a pro easy. For that reason alone, this must have device is for the serious cooks who also want to relax.

Mastrad’s Meat It Smart cooking thermometer is available online through Amazon and William Sonoma.

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