Meet AckTao: The Cloud Gaming Simulator Reinventing Cybersecurity Training – CES 2023 Exclusive

September 13, 2023

During the CES 2023 event at the Swiss Pavilion, the Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, had the pleasure of chatting with Cecile Maye from AckTao. Cecile unveiled the latest innovation from AckTao — a cloud gaming simulator designed to educate employees in large organizations on best practices in cybersecurity.

Taking Cybersecurity Training to the Next Level

AckTao’s cloud gaming simulator works on a Netflix-like platform but for gaming. It provides a dynamic training ground where employees can immerse themselves in diverse real-time scenarios, learning on the go as the system adapts to their individual skill levels.

This training tool can accommodate any company size, offering versatile learning experiences through various tools and scenarios that it proposes, enhancing the overall learning process.

Interactive Learning for a Secure Future

AckTao’s simulator brings an interactive dimension to cybersecurity training, allowing learners to engage with tools such as smartphones and notebooks in different situational setups. The real-time objective viewing enables employees to learn from their mistakes and successes instantaneously, promoting a proactive learning environment.

What stands out is the platform’s adaptability; it adjusts to the learner’s level, proposing scenarios that are as thrilling as they are educational, fostering a productive learning landscape where knowledge meets excitement.

A Step Towards a Cyber-Secure Future with AckTao

In a world where cyber threats are ever-evolving, AckTao steps in with a solution that not only addresses the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity but does so in a manner that is engaging and interactive. Through its cloud gaming simulator, AckTao is paving the way for a future where cybersecurity training is not just a requisite but an engaging learning experience.

To learn more about AckTao’s revolutionary approach to cybersecurity training, visit their official website and reach out to Cecile at for inquiries.

Stay tuned for more exclusive insights from CES 2023 with the Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson.

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