Navigating technology trends for your business is difficult. A Futurista can help.

Miss Metaverse Katie Aquino

Miss Metaverse Katie Aquino

A business has so much to be concerned about.  Making sure you have sales, covering payroll, government reporting and the future.  Technology is changing at an alarming rate and a business needs to be informed and prepared.  If a business doesn’t adjust to this every changing world, sales suffer and the business may wither and die.

So how does a business get a grip on what technology will impact it?  One choice is to bring in a specialty consultant that is aware of technology changes and how it will impact your future.  That specialty consultant is a Futurista.

Katie Aquino, Miss Metaverse, is the original Futurista and has been using her skills to help businesses.  In a recent interview on the Tech Ranch, Aquino was talking about the future impact of 3D printing.  “Imagine a business today without a website.  In fact, it is tough to survive in today’s business world without an online presence.  The same will be true for 3-D printing”, states Aquino.

Other technologies will also significantly impact businesses.  Many are industry specific and Aquino can help coach businesses to make the right investments now to position themselves well into the future.

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